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Our Projects

Telatoria Interactive, a place where we can share our greatest inspiration and candidly display the different sides of our passionate projects. Ever since we launched our company it has been creating buzz, gaining an increased following from day to day. We invite you to explore our ambitious projects in the working and learn about what makes us tick. Please reach out and engage, we're happy to hear from you, as well.

Telatoria App on screen

Telatoria Smart Apps for kids

Telatoria Interactive has created four apps that explore fun ways for children to learn. Your child will be entertained and taught moral lessons with Telatoria Stories, which are written by amazing writers from around the world. Telatoria Math will teach math through games that are fun and educational, while Telatoria Science will tickle your child's mind by using images and interactive media that resonates with their understanding. Telatoria Geo is your child's perfect companion into nature and a comprehensive reference to all they want and need to know about their habitat and the environment!

Telatoria Animation series

Animation Productions

Telatoria Math will teach math through games that are fun and inspirational for kids, we know all kids have hard feelings for math, that's why we decide to gamify and turn math into a more adventuring experience.

Telatoria merchandise

Merchandise: Gifts and Toys

Let Telatoria delight you wherever you are. Featuring a large array of our official apparel, accessories, and everything you need to put a smile on your loved ones face. we'll dedicate a spacial page to these gifts once all ready for sale!

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