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  • Sam AJ Zamel

The importance of storytelling for children

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

By Telatoria Interactive

The cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of humans gives an excellent opportunity to enrich children’s learning. Diverse points of view, personal histories, prior experiences, and learning styles can be used to greatly enhance teaching and learning. Storytelling is enjoyable, and can be used anywhere and at any time.

All people have a basic need to share stories. Stories organize experiences and record important happenings. As common forms of discourse, stories are of great interest and significance in language and literacy development, especially when considering the increased linguistic and cultural diversity of students in Pacific classrooms. Stories enable teachers to learn about their students’ cultures, experiences, and meaningful relationships. Through the sharing of stories, teachers and children “create the potential for new connections that link them together inside a new tale”.

Why Are Stories Told

Stories first arise in the context of relationships when small children acquire the ability to verbalize their experiences and learn to speak.

It is through this process that the children become the “narrated selves” of their own lives, sharing interpretations with others. Like adults, children use narratives to shape and reshape their lives, imagining what could have or should have happened, and reviewing what actually did happen. Thus, stories have interrelated social and evaluative functions. The stories we tell help define our sociocultural landscape in particular ways and demonstrate connections between language, culture, and power.

Storytelling – A Powerful Tool for Child Development

Sharing stories, talking, and singing is good for your child’s development. Most importantly, it can help your child become familiar with sounds, words, and language as they develop early literacy skills. Stories can also provide your child with knowledge about the world, their culture, and other cultures. Storytelling can stimulate your child’s imagination and curiosity and help them understand the value of books and stories.



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