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A World of Learning with Fun for Kids

Take some time to explore and unwind with fun stories that will spark your creativity!

At Telatoria Interactive, we are delighted to be among the few places where children can spend meaningful screen time that lets them safely grow, learn, and relax. With our apps, children will foster creativity, imagination, in a fun and interactive way to explore different cultures and traditions.

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What you will find in Telatoria Stories!

Big Library

Our app features a massive collection of original content created by top talent creators, perfect for kids!

Child Development

Provide parents with insights to help guide their children's learning and development.


Venture through a rewarding and engaging experience for kids of all ages!

Smart Quizzes

Fun quizzes and challenges to boost brain activity and make learning enjoyable!


Share your progress and content with family, friends, and loved ones through our app and social media.

Parental Control

With our app, you can set limits and control what your child can access.

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Telatoria Stories is fun, creative and engaging

Kids enjoy listening to stories, and it's a terrific way to encourage their imagination, creativity, and language skills. For kids, parents, and teachers alike, we wrote stories and developed adaptive and interactive activities that offer engaging user experiences, making success in school and the community a simple accomplishment.


Our gift for you!

Subscribers will get a humble gift from Telatoria to check out our e-book on the importance of storytelling for kids. The book explores the many benefits of storytelling for children, including the development of language and communication skills, imagination, and emotional intelligence. It also provides practical tips and ideas for parents and educators to incorporate storytelling into their daily interactions with children. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver, I believe that this e-book will offer valuable insights and inspiration for fostering a love of storytelling in the children in your life. Thank you for considering reading it.

"Bringing Imagination to Life with Storytelling!"

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