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Join our world of new smart apps for kids

We make learning a journey full of fun!

The world of Telatoria is a smart educational platform where your child's imagination takes off. We aim to make learning fun anytime of the day, helping enlighten children with different concepts from around the world, and maturing their intellectual experiences.

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Why Telatoria is The Best Choice?

Dreaming of lofty worlds, exploring their secrets, discovering magic that's all around, and challenging your child's mind with tailor-made apps is what Telatoria Interactive is all about. Whether your little one is having trouble sleeping, feeling over energized from playing all day, or simply needs a few minutes to loosen up, Telatoria will be there with you.

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At Telatoria, we are delighted to be among the few places where children can spend meaningful screen time that lets them safely grow, learn, and relax. With our apps, children will have fun and learn new things in the simplest, most diverse, and most intriguing ways, which will make the information stick. Join our news letter for more exciting news and offers!

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