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Our Smart Apps

At Telatoria Interactive, we are delighted to be among the few places where children can spend meaningful screen time that lets them safely grow, learn, and relax. With our apps, children will have fun and learn new things in the simplest, most diverse, and most intriguing ways, which will make the information stick.


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Telatoria Stories app let you enjoy a massive collection of original stories tailor-made for children by top talent writers, you can choose between reading and listening to the stories you like, or you can do both to better interact with your child.


Math +-

Telatoria Math + our ground-breaking approach for teaching math through fun games with smart quizzes and challenges. The objective of which is to use a gamified experience to help kids remember math rules.

Telatoria Math


Telatoria Science


Telatoria Science will tickle your child's mind by using images and interactive media that resonates with their understanding. It will be child's perfect companion into nature and a comprehensive reference to all they want and need to know about their habitat and the environment!

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